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Do you like sport game?

Hellow~! How are you~?
Today, I pasted the photo taken on Saturday. I like volleyball game. sometime, I saw a volleyball. volleyball game is exciting. My favorite player is Kaoru Sugayama. She is a good player. So. Do you have favorite sport? and, Do you have favorite player?

by always4920 | 2007-02-26 21:26 | スポーツ観戦

I want to Kyoto!

Hello~! How are you~?
I'm little tired. Because, I was a little hard schedule,Today.
I got up 7 in the monning. I want to Kyoto. I visited Kiyomizu shrine, Heian shrine. Today, Kyoto was cold and weather was terrible. cloudy,windy and sometime little snowy. After that want to Kyoto convention center. My purpose was see a volleyball game. 1game JT vs Pioneer, 2game Hisamitu vs ceagulls. Those games were excited and intresting. Today last schedule was English lesson. Today lesson was delightful. I was vary enjoy day.

今日7時に起きました。そして京都にいきました。清水寺や平安神宮を見て回りました。今日の京都は、寒く天気も良くありませんでした。風があり、時々雪が降りました。その後京都体育館に行きました。バレーボールゲームを、見たかったからです。1試合目はJT対パナソニック 2試合は久光製薬対シーガルズでした。どちらの試合も面白く、興奮する試合でした。今日の最後の予定は、英語のレッスン。今日のレッスンは、とても楽しかったです。エンジョイした1日でした。

Kiyomizu shrine
by always4920 | 2007-02-25 00:33 | 国内ぶらり旅

Please teach me~!

Hi~! How are you~?
Today's, I put two photo in Italy. I have a question.
Few day ago, The relative visited my house. We did talk my photos. We did talk my photos. My relative was saying that 1 photo was good. I thought that 2 photo was good. My relative was saying that, the man who is taken to the underside was good. But I don't think so. Do you think? which one is best? Please teach me~!


by always4920 | 2007-02-21 21:20 | イタリア旅行(07年冬)

Did you see a TV?

Good evening!! Everyone!
How are you~? I'm great.
I got up about 9 o'clock in the morning, I watched TV. So,Did you see a TV news, Norika san and Jinnai san wedding. I thought, Norika san was very beautiful. I was very enviable!! Can I marry・・・・・・??
Today's picture is my favorite bread. Bread name is "Mont Blanc bread". On the top, put on The marron cream. Insaid custard cream and frash cream. iT's very good tests!! But little hi calorie, and little expensive. One bread is ¥220. But I love it.

今日、朝9時頃起きて、テレビを見ました。みなさんは、ニュース見ましたか~?紀香さんと陣内さんの結婚式? 紀香さんすごく綺麗でしたよね~。すごくうらやまし~です!!私は。結婚出来るかな・・・・・・??
レットです。上にはマロンクリームが、かかっていて、中にはカスタードクリームと、生クリームが、入っています。とても美味しいですよ!しかし、少しカロリーが高く、値段が高いかな。 1個¥220円です。それでも私は大好きです。
by always4920 | 2007-02-18 21:56 | 美味しかった~!

There is My favorite pictures.

Hollw everyone. How are you?
This time, I attempted to put the picture of Italian traveling.
This winter holiday, I want to Itaiy. I took many pictures. I thinks,These pictures is my best. becase, The children are very cute.
Do you think? Tell me your opinion, and teach an English.
You find my miss sentence,please teach me!!


by always4920 | 2007-02-17 23:01 | イタリア旅行(07年冬)

Were you happy Valentine day yesterday?

good evning!! How are you~?
Were you happy Valentine yesterday? Did you get a chocolate? I didn't have a special thing. I was sad day. (T_T);
Yesterday, I went to STARBUCKS COFFEE,again. I'm decided, I don't to overtime working on Thursday or Wednesday. I drank "Today's coffee" too. Today's coffee was "Sumatora". It was good tasts. and, I ate strawbarry cream puff. strawbarry cream puff was good tasts too. It was good coffee break.

みなさんは、良いバレンタインでした~? チョコレートもらいましたか~? 私は特にこれと言ってなくて~。 かなし~、一日でした。

by always4920 | 2007-02-15 21:49 | カフェ(Cafe)巡り

Today was good day.

If you find my miss sentence,please teach me!!

Today, I don't had plan. got up 9 o'clock in tha morning, ate a breakfast and check a inter net. At 2o'clock, I went to sushi restaurant, Therefore, I ate the sushi of 6 dishs. It was good tasts. I like sushi very mach. after that, I went to lesson. Today's lesson was not good. because, My teacher did some questions to me. but, I didn't answer the questions. After the lesson always ends, I thought that I must study English. I'm bad student. after lesson went to hot spring. I like spa and hot spring. I love bath. I was relax, It's was good time. Do you like spa and hot spring? tomorrow, also I need go to work. See you again~.

今日、私は特に予定もありませんでした。朝9時に起きて、朝ご飯を食べ、インターネット見ていました。2時には、お寿司を、食べに行き、6皿食べました。とても美味しかったですよ。私は、寿司が、とても好きなんですよ~。 その後、レッスンに行きました。今日のレッスンは良くなかったんですよ。なぜなら、先生から色々質問を、されるのですが、私は答える事が、出来ませんでした。いつもレッスンが、終わった後あ~あ、もっと勉強しなければないけないな~と思うばかりでが~。駄目な生徒ですよね!レッスンが終わってから、温泉に行きました。私は、温泉や銭湯など、お風呂好きです。リラックス出来て、良い時間でした。皆さんは、温泉とか好きですか?また、明日から仕事です。では、またね~。


These photos is Oasisu Highway KARIYA. It's TOUMEI highway parking area. Do you know?
by always4920 | 2007-02-11 22:42 | 日々の生活の中で

coming soon~。

Today's I was work one day. I'm little tired. but after work, I went to lesson. and shopping, I'm almost going to shopping after lesson. because My English school is in the shopping center. So, Now, in the store, it is Valentine mood, but I don't need Valentine day and I don't like this day.(;_;)   Do you like Valentine day?

今日は、一日仕事でした。 少し疲れました。 しかし 仕事が終わった後、英会話と買い物に行きました。 私はたいていレッスンが、終わった後、買い物に行きます。私の学校は、ショッピングセンター内にあるからです。 今、お店ではバレンタインムードです。しかし、私には、必要が無い日なんですがね~!!(;_;)


by always4920 | 2007-02-10 23:47 | 日々の生活の中で

Do you like coffee?


Today, I was ordinary day. But I was a little tired, I went to the massage, After that, went to STARBUCKS COFFEE. I drank "Today' coffee". Maybe One week ones. I'm going to go to STARBUCKS COFFEE. I like STARBUCKS COFFEE. Do you like coffee? If you have your favorite coffee, Please teach me.

今日は、平凡な一日でした。 少し疲れてので、マッサージに行きました。その後、スターバックスにコーヒーを、飲みに行ってきました。”今日のコーヒー”を、飲みました。だいたい1週間に1度は、スターバックスに行っています。みなさんはコーヒーが、好きですか~?好きなコーヒーとかありますか?良かったら聞かせてくださ~い。


by always4920 | 2007-02-07 22:10 | カフェ(Cafe)巡り



Yestday, I went to shopping at Nagoya. I visited many department stores. Mitsukoshi,Maruei,and Meitetu department store. because My purpose was festival. Mitsukoshi is sushi festival. Maruei is Iwate prefecture festival and Meitetu is Miyagi prefecture festival. I wanted to find many sweets. But There was not one which I wanted. I bought 4 piece "Dorayaki" only. It was disappointing a little. Today's I catch cold. My condition was awful, Today, diary does an end here. see you again.



by always4920 | 2007-02-05 20:36 | 名古屋ぶらり散歩